According to different surveys, 80% of women may not be wearing the right bra! Are you one of those ladies?

Every girl can’t deny that bra shopping can be quite difficult at times. Not only is it hard to find one which you actually like in appearance, but it is also hard finding one which is actually going to fit you the right way. Then, how do you decide which kind of bra you need?  And, how do you know if you’re wearing the wrong bra?  So many questions…and so many bras…

We did some research online and found this little list provided by Ms. Amber Wolf on EzineArticles, that perfectly describes when you’re “girls just don’t fit right.”

Classic signs of an ill-fitting bra

  • ‘Double-bubble’ effect-when you are pouring out of the top of the bra (not sexy ladies)
  • ‘Side spillage’-where you are pouring out of the sides (muffin top on the sides, definitely not sexy).
  • For optimal comfort and support, the back wings (back wings are the strips of fabric, which extend from the outer base of the cups and secure in the back) of your bra should be comfortably anchored at or below your shoulder blades.
  • If you are bulging out of the top of your bra, first make sure you are wearing the correct size then check to see if the cup type you have chosen is too shallow for you.
  • The shallowest cups are demi (as they are not intended to cover the entire breast). These bras are for low cut shirts.   (the padding takes up some of the space in the cup if you need a little help in that area).
  • If you are consistently noticing the bulge, you should opt for non-padded, full cup bras.
  • If you are experiencing pain in the neck and shoulders, you need a supportive bra, which evenly distributes the weight of your breasts.
  • If you would like to minimize your assets, choose a minimizer bra, which can reduce the appearance of the bust by up to one-cup size.
  • I also wanted to point out that if you’re wearing a strapless shirt, please wear a strapless bra! It doesn’t look right with straps hanging out. It’s a pet peeve!!  And, it looks ugly. Strapless bras can be your friends.
  • Wearing a racer-back shirt with a regular bra, is also a big no! It looks bad even if you buy those cheap “invisible” bands.

But how can you measure yourself for the right bra size?

Take a flexible tape measure and measure around your chest, just beneath your breasts. If you measure an even number of inches, add two to the number; if the number is odd, add three. This is the band size for your bra. Next, measure around the fullest part of your bust. Take the number of inches and subtract the number of your first measure. If the difference is one inch, you need an A cup, two inches is a B cup, three inches a C cup, four inches a D cup, five inches a DD cup, six inches an E cup, etc.   It’s easy, but if it sounds too complicated for you, just walk into any Victoria’s Secret store at the mall and they will measure you for free!  And, that’s just another excuse to go to Victoria’s and get something a little sexy.

Bras in specialty stores like VS  generally cost more than those you will find at Target or Wal-mart, but they will last for years if you take care of them. Plus, the fit and comfort make them well worth the extra money.  Invest in yourself, and never struggle to find the right bra again!