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We’ve been so busy prepping for upcoming events and exciting partnerships that we’ve slacked a little on our posting. We promise to keep you updated on all our fun.  However, we can’t fail to mention our favorite Midwest designer Gaby Couture, who just launched her pre-fall & fall 2010 collection. We’re in love with this line because it’s so feminine, classy and we can afford it! This collection features fine fabrics, (chiffon, silk, chiffon, metallic organza, linen & tons of details).  You can see a lot of grays, lace, black & white as well as some beautiful prints in purple.

Here is a link to the Gaby Couture Look Book!

The line features plenty of hot cocktail dresses, boho dresses that can be dressed up with sexy boots and a gorgeous corset-tie in the back gown.  Here are some pictures below of the line.

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Buenos Aires. The city of sensual Tango, and sexy women who are daring and care about fashion. This summer several designers have taken a little bit of that sensuality and translated into great collections that give a flare of that South American dance that embodies passion and sophistication. 

Tango used to be one of several dances and a far cry from the international phenomenon that it has now become . However, it grew quickly in popularity and status, acquiring the name Tango during the 1890s.It then started to spread rapidly through the working-class slums in and around Buenos Aires, before, in the early years of the twentieth century, dancers and orchestras from Buenos Aires decided to take Tango to Europe.

The Tango shows took Europe’s major capitals by storm, capturing the hearts and minds of fashionable Parisians, Londoners and Berliners alike. The Tango ‘craze’ soon spread throughout Europe before making its way back across the Atlantic to New York and the rest of the USA by 1913.

From  red pouts to delicate form fitting black dresses that  suggested the denizens of a tango bar could be seen at D&G’s Milan’s Fashion week. Some women may shy away from bold colors in the heat of the summer, but these styles are hot in a “cool” way.  Remember Madonna as Evita?

Yves Saint Laurent  wilted rose-and-thorn shoes have me shifting into full-on shoe-dream mode. And, at a price tag of $895…they will continue to be just a dream in shoe heaven. These architectural, open shoes  have a sweet and flirty summer appeal, that screams Tango.

Andrew Sotomayor from Lancome makeup, says that the perfect red can heat things up this summer. “Nothing says strong, sexy, confident woman like a bright red lipstick,” (Sotomayor, 2010, Marie Claire-June issue).  Try wearing it straight from the tube and don’t use liner in the summer.

Yes, red lipstick can be scary — but not if you know which shades will look best for your complexion! Pale ladies or those who have pink tones to their skin would look smashing with reds that are more plum colored, while women who have yellow tones to their skin will look great with a red shade that has a brown base.

Women with darker tones will look gorgeous with a pinkish red or a shade with orange tones. For Asian women, try a lipstick that has shades of plum, cherry, or raspberry.

Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.  Try a little of Buenos Aires in your closet this summer!

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Recently, at Midwest Fashion Week we discovered Cheeky Couture!  And, we are so glad we did because it’s pretty, stylish and very affordable.  Here at Passion4Beauty we are all about making that dollar stretch while still looking classy and trendy. While at a photo shoot for Midwest designer Gaby-Couture, Cheeky, was great enough to supply all of the jewelry and then we fell in love!  (more to come on that inspiring photo shoot later)

Cheeky Couture,  is a collection of unique designer-inspired CZ and crystal jewelry. You’ll find a fabulous array of gorgeous jewelry made with genuine CZ’s, Swarovski brand crystals, freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones; all mounted in fine metals and materials. This eclectic blend of fashion-forward jewelry will delight your taste. Check out below some new pieces from Cheeky Couture’s line that are available now!  We love the first set of neutrals and metals!

We recently bought an amazing ring and bracelet for less than a price of our regular pedi/mani!  To me that’s a steal.  Price ranges $18 – $42 depending on the piece.  All the money you save with Cheeky Couture can be spent on some hot outfits and every girl’s weakness–shoes!   The wonderful Angie Belttari-Parker (owner of Cheeky) is a sweet lady that knows her stuff when it comes to accessories. We were truly impressed with Angie’s great taste to pick out just the right piece to make that “outfit” pop.  Her line is growing quick throughout the Midwest and even has a spot in FL where you can purchase the jewelry.   If you’d like to purchase a piece of Cheeky Couture, visit their website or visit one of the many shops that carries  their line:

IndySwank – Indianapolis, IN
(Fountain Square Arts District)

Out of the Closet ~ Indianapolis, IN
Body Works Salon & Day Spa ~ Downtown Indy
Revelations Salon & Spa ~ Brownsburg, IN
Gypsies Salon ~ Roachdale, IN
Karisma ~ Noblesville, IN
Pouty Boutique ~ Noblesville, IN
Foundation 212 ~ Fowler, IN
Saddies Secret Place ~ Illinois
Ria’s Salon & Spa ~ Florida
Diamond Hair Design ~ Avon, IN

Ladies, if you know of any other local brands that deserve to be on Passion4Beauty! Contact us and let us know why you love them!

Curvier models are taking back the runway in Paris & Milan Fashion week these past  months.   Several Victoria Secret ladies were being flown into to walk for Prada, Jacobs, and other well-known designers. Voluptuous beauties Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, and Doutzen Kroes (below) were flown to Milan exclusively for the show, which also included fashion’s bombshell-of-the-moment Lara Stone.  We’re all kind of tired of the super stick look. Although we  do realize that some girls are just “skinny,” however as Marc Jacobs puts it, if you’re designing for “women” then you need to represent them. And let’s face it girls, we are not all a size 2, 5’10,  125lbs… So how can we relate to those designers when they don’t have our body type in mind?

“Designers are always talking about how they design for women, and then you look at our runways and there no girls over 20,” Marc Jacobs told reporters backstage at his Louis Vuitton show in Paris on Wednesday. “This time, I set out to cast a variety of sexy women — younger, older, thin, voluptuous, from every ethnic background.”

But who is considered a curvy model?   In the fashion world someone who wears a size 4 or higher is considered curvy. That is kind of alarming since most of the people size 4 that I know are pretty thin.   The average size for a woman nowadays, is a size 10 to 14. That is, a bust of 90 to 95 cm, 75cm waist and 100cm. hips.

Curvy women such as Shakira, Salma Hayek, Jlo, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian , are becoming more and more the new fashion icons.  We’re happy to see these curvy ladies strut their stuff, because in reality we all would much rather be curvier and sexier. Hence: Victoria Secret model voluptuous catalogs your man keeps after you’re done looking at the new bras.

Big boobs and big booties are now in! Latin women however, have always been aware of this. And if nature did not give us enough we could always find multiple solutions such as the famous Wonderbra, padded panties or for the more serious girl: fat injections or even implants!

Well, somebody out there is listening because Vogue, who  is arguably the central and single most important editorial force in the fashion industry have just unleashed their curves  by launching  a “Vogue Curvy” website.   The Italian division just re-designed and launched this website, making everything available in English as well as Italian. Part of the redesign included the addition of a few auxiliary pages, two of which are entitled “Vogue Black” and “Vogue Curvy.”

Recently, Elle interviewed  designer Michael Kors and US Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and model Natalia Vodianova who  were at a Harvard forum to discuss changing body types in fashion. Vodianova talked about her postnatal anorexia, and Kors called waif-like models an “army of children” and announced he would no longer book models aged under 16.  This is a huge step in the fashion industry.

“The fashion industry is starting to address real women again,” Kors said. “The emphasis in fashion is shifting toward an emphasis on real women who are women, not girls.”

We’ll see what happens next year at Fashion Week around the world, but so far this year we’re happy with what we’re hearing.

As we expect the recession to end soon, fashion is about to take a different turn. Expect a lot of designers to aim for safety; with all the cuts you’d expect of a Spring/Summer season heavily mixed with 2010 fashion trends.
And speaking of cuts, the cutaway clothing trend is cutting back into style this spring/summer. The trend that started in 2009, is still going strong in 2010.   The Sexy Cut Away Swimsuit  or Monokini is a major trend of 2010 it’s a style being applied to  swimwear. It’s super sexy and it can be as subtle or as daring as you’re willing to go. If you’re going subtle with the cut away, you can definitely look into a bold color to sport along with this trend.  This is the one bikini trend that isn’t for the wall flower but can be styled to ooze both sex and sophistication without ever saying ‘easy. Take a look at some of this cutaway swimwear at affordable pricing!   Browse for more Monokinis and shop here at Zesty Pink!

Florals are in.  Take a look here at Gaby Couture’s Spring 2010 Boho Floral Dresses that were  recently featured at Midwest Fashion Week- Visit her website at or email the Gaby Team to purchase. Mention you saw them on Passion4Beauty and get them for $119!

Fun cocktail dresses in pastels, mini drapped dresses  as well as maxi- and mini-prints all managed to offer a blooming and spectacular allure to the collections on the catwalk.  Here’s a few that caught our eye and our wallet can afford from Forever 21 &  Asos. Click to purchase!

Pastel colors should be second choice when you are shopping for the spring. The top 10 colors for women’s fashion were announced by PANTONE at the Fashion Color Report Spring 2010. Turquoise, tomato purée, fusion coral, violet, tuscany, aurora, amparo blue, pink champagne, dried herb and eucalyptus will be favorite colors.

The top 10 Spring 2010 colors for women

When it comes to dresses, handbags, and shirts  lots of ruffles should be in your shopping list. Especially, ruffles will be big in spring 2010. However, we will find that ruffles are no longer considered stuffy or “overly girlie.” Look for blouses with subtle references that help suits to “pop.” (Choose the tiny accents that add a touch of exotic flair instead of ruffled hems. ) Also, the best way to make it work is to mix and match with more classic pieces.

Spring 2010 RTW – Dolce & Gabbana, Isabel Marant, Valentino