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Lashes are in! From long and feathery, to curly and even some color lashes. We love long lashes, but we especially like when you can play up your own lashes. That’s why cosmetic companies are rolling in the dough these days.   So many mascara companies out there are targeting our love of lashes by offering products to make them longer, curlier, grow faster, thicker, and on and on!   Our lashes have become a beauty obsession, and buying mascara is something we can’t  seem to do with out!  We’ve even said it’s one of the top three beauty products we can’t live without, and we just keep buying more of it. We have almost every mascara Lancome puts out, and we love Oscillation!

False eyelash sales have increased by 6.2 percent to about $44 million, while lash-enhancing products like Latisse (prescription-only), and Luster Lash (From LadyLash Studios @ $100) are flying off the shelves.

Women have started to use false lashes more frequently, for special events,holidays as well as daily wear. They  are turning to sites like YouTube for application tips. Even Facebook  & Twitter have helped boost sales of lash-enhancers, with fan pages and testimonials.

We recently had a chance to try Luster Lash for ourselves, and the verdict… It works! It really does elongate your lashes. And, it’s an easy Rx-less way to get them.  Luster Lash Eyelash Enhancer, $100 at, uses vitamins to help lashes grow fuller and thicker as it moisturizes, hydrates and conditions.  We’ve been using it for about 3 weeks, twice a day (morning & night).  And we love it!  Plus you don’t need a prescription like Latisse. We fully recommend this product to all of our friends.

“Everyone wants longer fuller more lush lashes. Every single day a clients ask me how they make their lashes more full. After witnessing the side effects of prescription lash serums (and seeing a need within my own business to provide help for those with brittle ,weak lashes as a result of different treatments/medications) I sought a means to help… Because of my passion for lashes and lash health, I wanted to create my own safe, gentle but highly effective serum …alas, Luster Lash was born,” Mikaela Fernandez owner & creator of Luster Lash.

Extensions are the ultimate in lash glamour. At LadyLash Studios eyelash specialist Mikaela attaches tiny silk lashes to your own. It can take up to three hours to get a full set, and the initial application costs $300, but they make a huge difference and last six to eight weeks. “Right away a client’s eyes look brighter and more alert,” says Mikaela, who sees up to 40 clients a week.

LadyLash Model

The quickest way to make your lashes look gorgeous is by curling them—and heated eyelash curlers have a better effect than curling mascaras. Our favorite is Sephora’s Professional Heated Lash Curler ($16;, for its non-scary shape and the incredible uplift it provides.  We discovered eyelash curlers at the age of 15, and we never looked back! For best results, curl your lashes after applying mascara.

No matter how you decide to get your lash on this summer, make sure you do it right. There are several cool things to try, from falsies to serums or just your regular ol’ eyelash curler.  Let us know what is your favorite way of enhancing your lashes!


THE color of the season is “RED”. We just told you how Tango inspired clothing and red sexy lips are filling up the runways… Just in time  for the season, is  “Record Breaker Red” lipstick from our favorite celeb make up artist Georgio Fernandez.  The smooth moisturizing color, will leave your lips kissable  and ready for summer action.

But,  not only are your lips going to look extra sexy, but you’ll be helping out the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Why not look hot and help make a child’s wish come true?  

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Proceeds go to Make-A-Wish

Working his brow magic.

This past weekend I had the great pleasure of spending some time with  the power couple of  beauty, Georgio & Mikaela Fernandez.  If you remember, I recently interviewed Mikaela about her work with cancer patients and how LadyLash was  making a difference in the lives of everyday women through eyelash applications.  Luckily, through some friend connections LadyLash let me into their lives and invited me into their world of glamour for a weekend.  Their studio is set on an artsy street on Delray beach, and had been decorated to make you feel like a star with their red carpet and director style chairs.    The Marilyn Monroe pictures line the red walls, as well as the couple’s portraits with their celebrity clients  that are a reminder of how far they’ve gone.

I was intrigued with what this young couple had accomplished in such a short  period of time, all while juggling a family of 3 beautiful daugthers, running two studios, launching a new product,  and keeping on top of their game!   Georgio is known for his amazing transformations with eyebrows and makeup, while Mikaela’s real passion lies in eyelash extensions.   I was lucky enough to tag along with Georgio to the amazing Eau de Spa at the Ritz Carlton (their second location) while he worked his magic on some special ladies from CBS 12 anchors Suzanne Boyd, Liz Quirantes and Mayor Frankel from Delray Beach who were preparing for a “Dancing with the Stars” event.  When the makeup was done, the women were transformed into the eras of their dance. 

Makeup application at the Ritz Carlton

Fernandez is not your typical make up artist.  He’s straight, he’s attractive and is good at his job.   These attributes definitely have helped Georgio  get  “all the ladies”, clients that is. It was easy to see how Georgio’s charisma has helped him achieve the respect and admiration of all the clients that sit in his chair and leave feeling “beautiful.”

Their three adorable daugthers which range in the ages of 10 years old  to 8 months are also a very central part of LadyLash.  They are the drive and passion behind the powerful duo, and its nice to see how a talented family pulls it all together every day for the love of beauty.

The man is very passionate about his art.  “I’m into making a woman look and feel beautiful. That’s it for me,” said Georgio while we had a small brainstorming session about his upcoming ideas.

Mikaela Fernandez with baby in the Studio

Stay tuned for my next post on LadyLash !

For now, read about what they’re up on their Facebook page.

Mikaela Fernandez is a national  lash artist and along with her celebrity makeup artist husband Georgio, they have formed LadyLash studios.  The duo out of South Florida is  known for perfecting eyebrows, enhancing eyelashes and creating amazing makeup applications.  They recently sat down with us and shared their experience as they work with cancer survivors, celebs, and their vision of making every woman that walks through their door feel beautiful.

What is your idea of beauty?

Beauty is absolutely from the inside out. Here at LadyLash we are all about capturing the true beauty, the essence, of each guest that enters our boutique. This is an experience and each experience is unique to each individual. Our goal is for you to leave with a smile and a feeling of importance and of course a killer set of brows & lashes to match!  We find out what beauty is to you and re-define that!

Who is your favorite celebrity you’ve worked on so far?

My favorite celebrity to date is Grammy awarding winning “hip hop violinst” Miri Ben-Ari. This woman embodies “the LadyLash way” through and through. Her inner and outer beauty RADIATES.  I had the pleasure of meeting & applying her makeup @ the Zac Posen spring collection Preview fashion show in Palm Beach FL last month.  Her first words to me where that of one of my favorite quotes “live life, love much & laugh often”.  There you have it, she was in my makeup chair for an “experience” and I was the one experiencing. I also had the honor of being flown up to NYC in March to apply Miri’s first set of custom designed Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions for a Gotham magazine gala.

Why did you decide to work with Susan Komen & Cancer survivors?

There has been a constant theme throughout my life and career. From an early age I have been surrounded by women, mostly strangers, that have been touched by Cancer.  Later, throughout my makeup career, I realized how important a little swipe of lipstick and a pair of lashes could make a woman feel. I have often been one of the first people women have come to see after getting a life changing diagnosis.  That is simply because I have lipstick to offer, perhaps a small piece of reassurance in a tube.

When we see a woman leave our shop with their head held high and a smile painted on, it makes us realize our jobs here are so very important.

In October we partnered up with the Susan Komen foundation and developed a year round program. LadyLash created & introduced “The Pink Wink”, a program that specifically donates to breast cancer. Guests can come in and have a couple subtle pink lash extensions or pink crystals added in to their “wink” and a percentage of the service is donated.

How do a pair of eyelashes and eyebrows empower women who’ve been affect by Cancer?

Most recently LadyLash has introduced “Lashing out against Cancer”.  We have partnered up with local oncologists to help patients regain a sense of themselves. Cancer can steal the identity of these women and it is our pleasure to help in recovering a sense of normalcy when they look in the mirror. We use expert brow sculpting techniques along with permanent makeup application and subtle lash extensions and/or custom designed lash strips to help find the woman (or man) they once saw in the mirror. This proves to be a remarkable experience …there is usually not a dry eye in the shop.

Cancer is a physical disease but what I’ve come to see is that it is a very social disease as well. Everywhere these women go they are constantly being reminded of their disease. Loss of eyelashes & eyebrows contributes to this.

Where do you see LadyLash going 5 years from now?

Within the next 5 years will will continue to expand this philosophy of empowering women by uncovering their true beauty. We have many additions to our makeup line in the works and future locations throughout the US  are in the planning stages in effort to reach a more global hand print.

In March National Lash Artist and Co-owner of Ladyash, Mikaela Fernandez introduced her long awaited lash enhancer, Luster Lash.   While every man or woman can use this to achieve longer, thick, lush lashes it was her passion to specifically help women, touched with Cancer, to safely and effectively strengthen and recover lash health that prompted her to create this serum. The product has already been featured on the Today Show, The Early Show and Self-Magazine.

” Art inspires us. We are creating the “art of beauty” everyday at LadyLash. These are tough times right now and here we realize and understand women want to continue to look and FEEL beautiful no matter what is going on in the world and that truly inspires us to keep creating beauty,” Mikaela Fernandez, National Lash Artist.

Ready more about Mikaela and her amazing work by visiting her Facebook Page & Website!

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